Quality Auto Glass and Upholstery Repair
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Quality Auto Glass and Upholstery Repair

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Upholstery and Convertible Top Repairs in Philadelphia, PA

Rydon Auto Upholstery & Glass of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provides auto and marine upholstery repair and convertible top repairs to clients throughout the area.

Auto Upholstery

Car interior with gold leather upholstery - Auto Upholstery repair in Philadelphia PA
Headliners can deteriorate over time, causing them to sag. Our trusted technicians will remove your headliner, replace the foam, and replace the headliner, tightening them so that they look just like new.
Many things can happen that can cause you to want to replace your auto upholstery. Maybe a seat has ripped, or a cigarette burned a whole through your seat's cover. Maybe your vehicle is old and still runs well, but the interior could use a little work. Whatever your issue with your interior, you can trust Rydon Auto Upholstery & Glass to provide the service that you need to get your car back in good condition with auto upholstery repair and carpet replacement.
With a complete line of auto and marine upholstery fabrics, you can't go wrong with our range of choices and the knowledge and experience of our professional team. We offer a complete collection of name brand sun and moon roofs, trim, convertible tops, trunk racks, upholstery, and more.

Marine Upholstery

Like cars, mobile upholstery often needs to be repaired after a rip, a cigarette burn, or just too much time in the elements. Due to the exposed nature of boats, this may have to be done more often. Our upholstery specialists can provide high quality work quickly, and can even make and repair Bimini tops, including replacing the plastic windows. Our marine department also makes new boat covers. There is no need to bring in your boat for marine upholstery, just bring your seat to our glass and upholstery repair center and leave the work to us.

Convertible Top Repairs

Soft-top convertible cars are exposed to the elements a lot, and the color can fade and rips can develop over time. We can replace your top, repair the tear, or even replace the plastic windows. Seems are easily repaired when they have torn over the years, or a full replacement can be done if the top is looking worn after years of use.
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