Quality Auto Glass and Upholstery Repair
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Quality Auto Glass and Upholstery Repair

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Auto Glass and Sunroof Repair in Philadelphia, PA

Rydon Auto Upholstery & Glass of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers auto glass replacement and sunroof repair to customers throughout Philadelphia and the suburban area.

Auto Glass

Rydon Auto Upholstery & Glass is the local leader for auto glass and upholstery repair and replacement. Our service is convenient and reliable, offering a high quality result every time.
New windshield and tempered glass parts, such as door and taillights, are kept in stock for many foreign and domestic cars and boats. Factory and universal slips are used for each installation and repair.
We also repair window regulators, which is the part of your door that makes your power windows go up and down when you push the switch. After we have found the problem, our technicians perform any repairs necessary, including replacing the window motor.
Mechanic replacing windshield - Windshield Replacement in Philadelphia PA

Sunroof Repair

Car interior with sunroof - Sunroof repair in Philadelphia PA
Sunroofs can leak, stop opening, or the glass can break. When this happens, bring your car to the glass and upholstery repair specialists at Rydon Auto Upholstery & Glass and we will repair all your issues. If the glass is broken, we'll find a new piece or another solution for you. We also clean drains to prevent water draining into the car.
We also provide drying services, should your car hold water for any reason. All of the carpets, pads, and seats will be removed and dried while we dry the car. Finally, everything will be replaced and your car will be good to go.
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